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Inspired by the social work & activism of Feminista Jones with this special collaboration we honor the ancestors who devoted their lives to freedom, to those who remain committed to liberation, and for those who will walk in our footsteps.

“The Ubuntu principle, that I exist because others who existed before me made it possible for me to be here, is a life changing inspiration that found me in college through the book “I Am Because We Are: Readings in Africana Philosophy

The idea that there is power among those who are committed to liberation along with me. The idea that many will come after me and live because I helped make a way for them to do so. I call on the wisdom of my ancestors, I collaborate with my peers in our current freedom fights, and I seek to leave a legacy that those who come after me can connect with and follow.

We are nothing without each other. We thrive as a community. If any of us remains bound in chains, none of us can claim to be “free”. We must remember that without each other, we cannot survive, and now, more than ever, the fight for survival is as real as it gets.”

This pennant is hand made from 100% organic cotton canvas, machine stitched seaming on all sides with corresponding thread. Letters are in Feminista’s signature PURPLE wool cut felt, affixed with heat. Hang string is black twill tape with hand stitched loops that go on a hard wood hang stick.


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